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Coconut Shrimp


Crunchy and super crispy at each bite! Coconut shrimp is a golden, crusty, sweet, fried, and coconut encrusted breaded shrimp appetizer that is incredibly delectable. Even though it is crisper, shrimps are luscious and juicy without being creamy.


We are darn right that this coconut shrimp will be the best shrimp that you’ll ever have in your life. Yes, it’s the breaded shrimp rolled out in coconut and fried to a delicious crisp. Panko and coconut that we use gives a perfect crunchy texture and ensures the exotic flavor.

Indeed, anything that is sweet and spicy will enhance the shrimp amazingly, and so we serve this exceptionally delicious coconut shrimp with tasty dipping sauce. It’s the best starter food for any parties and family outings. We are sure it will be a special treat for your family and friends when you all are eating out.

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