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Large Salad


Our fresh serving of mixed greens would be the cutting-edge, and ultra-hearty ideal feast for vegan lovers. Our serving of mixed greens loaded up with plenty of flavours including fresh veggies, sprouts, lentils, fresh fruits and bread garnished along with cheddar and bits of Bacon.


Most of our consumers wish to follow a healthy diet, and for those customers, our healthy large bowl of salad serving of mixed greens will be an ideal starter. Having a salad almost every day can give you loads of health benefits.

A diet rich in veggies and fruits can drop your blood pressure, lessen heart risk, minimize stroke, prevent cancer, reduce digestive problems and other body-related issues. Our plate of mixed greens involves fresh lettuce, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, sauteed mushrooms, bread and different veggies dependent on consumer choice that keeps the plate of mixed greens both energetic and flavourful.

Our chefs serve plates of mixed greens with signature fillings that satisfies the flavours with heaps of herby freshness that is extremely delicious for your taste buds.

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